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To be the definitive guide for reggae clubs and festivals.

IrieOne.com was first started to help find reggae spots in areas that we would travel the most to. We knew where most of the reggae clubs were in our area (Los Angeles), but if we were visiting another part of the country, we had no clue where the reggae spots were happening and there was really no website out there to help us out. Since we really liked reggae music and there was no other reggae club guide out there, we decided to create IrieOne.com as a reggae club listing guide for the whole US.

When the site made its debut, we only had a few cities listed and not that many listings. As the word of mouth about the site began to spread, we added additional cities and our listings began to rise. As the site grew, so did our visitors. After the site went live in 2006, visitors to the site have doubled every year. We really owe a lot of thanks to the Reggae promoters and Reggae heads who have submitted events to the site, because without their support and updates, IrieOne.com would not be as successful as it is.

Reggae spots and events are added daily to the site. We also try to keep the listing as fresh as possible by checking the spots every so often to see if they still go down. There is nothing worse than going out to a club that no longer exists. Not only do we have the listings, but we also provide visitor reviews of the different reggae spots, so before you go out, check out IrieOne.com to see what others are saying about it.

Nuff respect to the massive and nuff thanx for the support!